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Curious Cat Ltd. – Smarter Software Solutions
Curious Cat Ltd.
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Hey there!
We're Curious Cat Ltd.

We create smarter software solutions

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Web Design
Ui/Ux Design
45.4992161 16.3673254 Based In Sisak, Croatia
//Words About
Curious Cat.
Curious Cat.
Out creative process

Innovative software solutions
that are crafted not just written

Our greatest strength is coping with that most complex software challenges. Analysis and optimizations that we implement into out solutions make us the go-to guys when it comes to software heavy lifting.

We produce software solutions that just work in the shortest possible time. We crunch deadlines and eat algorythms for breakfast.

We are Curious Cat(s) and here is how we do things:

Committed to success

We will provide you with a custom strategy and actionable plan that will let you step into crowded markets with confidence.

When you engage our talented staff we will be 100% committed to your goals and you’ll see a clear path to accomplish your vision.

Team that delivers

Our collaboration will produce a compelling strategy so your digital channels start performing beyond expectation.

Ever-expanding technologies demand our team of skilled developers, technologists & UI UX designers.


What our expertise entails


A glimpse into our world


What is Curious Cat
All about?

Curious Cat is a company with rich experience in ICT and related industries. Specialized in wide range of services and software products, the company is particularly proud of challenging projects, tailored to specific customer requirements such as creating new crypto currencies, encrypted banking systems, and applications with advanced elements such as augmented reality.

We are software craftsmen and problem solvers, deeply in love in what we do.

Finished projects
Happy customers
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Solutions //

Overview of our software portfolio

Our solutions

As a software firm with a wide spectrum of expertise, we are so proud to be the forerunner in several unique market segments.

  • Interactive municipal budgeting package

    My city budget is a web application that serves as a tool to local and regional governments to enhance their communication with citizenry, advancing democracy to the next level. Enabling citizens to actively participate in the budgeting process is truly the core of democracy in action.
  • Advanced point-of-sale software

    After a market analysis we discovered that existing software packages are all lacking in one area or another. So, we decided to make an all-around groundbrakeing product that will cater to most retailers. With an intuitive and easy to learn user interface, we created a software suite packed with features, yet so clean and fluid.
  • Real-time elections tracking

    Government elections were always a rather costly endevour. Using online web services in conjunction with advances security options for voter identification those costs can be cut to a minimum while receiving realtime reports on partial voting results. The future of voting is here!
  • Public transportation mapping

    With increased awareness on chem and noise pollution, cities are issuing policies to restrict traffic in urban areas giving public transportation a boost. Providing end users a user-friendly interface for public transportation scheduling and vehicle positions is a must for every smartcity strategy.

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